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獲獎不斷! Bioyona安瓶獲2023年美妝趨勢產品

2023年,Bioyona碧優娜再次贏得多個獎項! 在Pure Beauty Awards中,海洋胚胎顏精華修護安瓶榮獲「最佳精華新品」獎項,被全球美妝界認可。此後,7月又於CosmoTrend 2023美妝術後修復趨勢中脫穎而出,成為台灣唯一入選的品牌。這一成就不僅對Bioyona碧優娜來說是對其在美容行業的趨勢和研發工作的認可,也為台灣的生物科技研發增添了肯定和榮耀! 查看2023美妝趨勢報告

根據Contrive Datum Insights的報告,醫學美容市場預計在2023年至2030年間以每年12.2%的複合年增長率增長,許多美容品牌因應趨勢,推出因應"雷射術後"而受到刺激的皮膚的解決方案。這些產品無論是用於個人使用亦或針對專業美容院,都注入了各種先進成分,以精華液和保濕面膜的形式呈現以舒緩術後肌膚。


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CosmoTrends是每年一次的美妝趨勢報告,展示了Cosmoprof North America參展商中最具創新性的產品。CosmoTrends是由國際趨勢機構BEAUTYSTREAMS撰寫,為美妝界的所有人來說都是必讀聖典,因為它包含了美妝市場的創新和高科技、高性能產品所提供的解決方案。

Cosmoprof North America的參展商提供有關新產品推出、革命性包裝和新配方。BEAUTYSTREAMS將仔細研究這些資料,以確定在展會後幾個月內將推動市場的趨勢。這份報告為一份真正的美妝趨勢指南,為美妝市場定下了基調。而獲選的趨勢產品,將於於展會期間於拉斯維加斯會議中心西廳大堂展出,同時也將在“CosmoTalks:拉斯維加斯2023年CosmoTrends報告”活動中呈現。


In 2023, Bioyona received continuous recognition and awards! Following the selection of their Skin Activating Treatment Pure Serum as the "Best New Serum" at the Pure Beauty Awards in the UK, they have once again gained acclaim in the international beauty industry. Among numerous entries in the CosmoTrend 2023 Beauty Trends for Nip-Tuck Relief Products, Bioyona emerged as the only Taiwanese brand selected, further affirming Taiwan's achievements and honor in biotechnology research and development!

Aesthetic treatments are on the rise – the medical aesthetics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% between 2023 and 2030, Contrive Datum Insights reports – and beauty brands are responding with solutions that help to soothe skin that’s been irritated by “tweakments” or surgery. Whether for home use or targeted at professional salons, these products are infused with an array of advanced ingredients delivered in serums and hydrating masks that promise to calm skin after a procedure. 

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Product Description​

This ampoule is made up of natural ingredients, specifically Totipotent Prostembryona Factor® (TPF). It extracted from Fertilized roe of deep-sea fish species, which have the ability to secrete multiple ingredients such as growth factors and cytokines that induce cell proliferation and differentiation. The entire extraction process aligns with the principles of natural environmental protection and sustainability. Compared to common roe extracts, TPF offers superior absorption and reparative abilities. It is suitable for all skin types and particularly beneficial for individuals seeking rapid improvement in skin condition, post-aesthetic laser procedures, or those looking to overcome skincare product plateaus.


Claims & Benefits​

The Skin Activating Treatment Serum Ampoule possesses excellent skin repair capabilities and offers multiple benefits such as moisturization, whitening, and increased elasticity. It effectively facilitates the rapid recovery of skin after aesthetic laser procedures, reducing the post-operative healing time. Additionally, it prevents skin aging, promotes collagen synthesis, and accelerates the healing of skin wounds. This product provides comprehensive skincare while embracing the principles of environmental friendliness and sustainable development. It passes clinical safety tests without causing itchiness, redness, or tingling, making it suitable for safe application on the skin.



Fertilized Roe Extract


Application of TPF

  • Dressing
  • Skin Care
  • Scalp and Hair Care
  • Functional Food


Cosmetic Effects of TPF

  • Anti-oxidation
  • Inhibit tyrosinase activity
  • Promotion of collagen synthesis
  • The combined effects of anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, brightening, elasticity, firmness, promotes skin wound healing


About CosmoTrends

CosmoTrends is the annual report on beauty trends, featuring the most innovative products from Cosmoprof North America exhibitors. This is an exclusive look at everything that is cutting-edge in the cosmetics industry.

The report written by BEAUTYSTREAMS, an international trend agency, is a true must-read for everyone in the beauty world because it covers innovations in the beauty market and solutions offered by high-tech, high-performance products.

Cosmoprof North America exhibitors were asked to send detailed information on new product launches, revolutionary packaging, and new formulas. BEAUTYSTREAMS then studied this information carefully to identify the trends that would drive the market in the months after the show. The result is a true guide that sets the tone in the beauty market.

The trends identified and the products that define them will be part of a special CosmoTrends installation positioned in the lobby of the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the show and the CosmoTalks “The CosmoTrends Report: Las Vegas 2023.”