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Bioyona Loyalty Program !

As soon as you has registered Bioyona's official website member, you will immediately enjoy a range of member-only offers:


1. Enjoy 15% discount on all shopping.
2. Own
 5% redeem for your next order (purchase amount unlimited).
3. Accumulate your spending and upgrade to the special membership for the better benefits.
4. Birthday shopping coupon $600 once a year.


Many exclusive courtesy offer to you, what are you waiting for? Now, register to become one of the Bioyona members!

1A Member

*Enjoy 15% discount on all shopping

*Own 5% redeem

*Birthday coupon $600

*Register now, become 1A member asap

*Validity: permanent

2A Member

*Enjoy 25% discount on all shopping

*Own 5% redeem

*Birthday coupon $600

*The consumption in a year reach to NT$10,000, upgrade to 2A member

*Validity: permanent

3A Member

*Enjoy 35% discount on all shopping

*Own 5% redeem

*Birthday coupon $600

*The consumption in a year reach to NT$20,000, upgrade to 3A member

*Validity: permanent

Happy Shopping

.Redeem your coupon with no purchase amount limited.

.Redeem your coupon in valid period 12 months.

.Redeem your Birthday coupon in valid period 3 months.

.Other coupon is applied to the special sale events.

Birthday Blessings

.Members will get the Birthday coupon on their birth date.

.Redeem your Birthday coupon in 90 days.

.Redeem your Birthday coupon for no purchase amount limited.


* Please fill your correct birth date when you registering the member, so as not to affect your benefits for the birthday shopping gift.

* For detailed membership rights and activities, please contact Customer Service (+886) 6-391-1200 Extension 11, or our LINE@.

* Bioyona has the right to amend the rights and interests of Bioyona's members. If there is any change or cancellation of the rights, we will notify you by SMS or e-newsletter or publish on the Bioyona website.

* If you would like to cancel Bioyona's member, please email us your request and we will contact you in 1-2 business days.

* If you have a large amount of purchasing needs or want to join our marketing team, please contact the sales and marketing department, we will be glad to meet you.