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Secrets from the depths of ocean


Bioyona's journey begins in the pristine depth of the ocean. Finally we have truly unearthed the power of nature that has been around for thousands of years, through meticulous research we have a new breakthrough in the technology of skincare renewal.


With our patented biotechnology that we have developed, we have successfully unlocked nature's most nourishing elements, and created the key ingredient- Totipotent Prostembryona Factor®.

Amazingly, this ingredient has become the cornerstone ingredient of what defines the Bioyona product line.

Exclusive precious main ingredient Totipotent Prostembryona Factor® (TPF) extracted from embryonic stem cells of deep-sea fish species secretes multiple peptides.


Why is TPF so amazing?

TPF is Bioyona's exclusive extraction technology.

Under sustainable and environmentally friendly conditions,

we extract precious and activating deep-sea fish roe,

locking in the essence for a golden 8 hours,

and patent-extracting deep-sea embryo

which contains precious growth nutrients

and has excellent compatibility with the skin.

Compared to plant stem cells or regular fish roe extracts,

TPF is more easily absorbed by the skin.