Our Story

Bioyona Wonderland

Secrets from the depths of ocean


Bioyona fantasy journey begins in the depth of the sea. Unearthing the power of nature for thousands of years, we unveiled a new journey of skincare renewal.


According to our patented biotechnology, R&D unlocked the mysterious nourishing materials of mother nature and created the most precious ingredient- Totipotent Prostembryona Factor®.

Amazingly, it becomes the core ingredient of every Bioyona products.

Grace of mother nature


Fertilized roe extract is extracted from embryonic stem cells of deep-sea fish species by our exclusive extraction techniques, which is rich in multiple growth factors and cytokines. Moreover, in the process, we are committed to the spirit of sustainability and environmental protection. Create this natural amazing treasure that all thanks and belongs to the sea.


Fish embryonic stem cell extract is an active substance with extremely high compatibility with human skin, and it gains an incomparable repair function as well. We add the versatile Totipotent Prostembryona  Factor® as the most primitive core ingredient of Bioyona. Just like God giving us such a gift, getting the most indispensable element of Bioyona. What a blessings!

The Art of Extraction

Biotechnology extraction of Bioyona is like a miracle in the skin care field, delicately preserving the most essential magical ingredients is the key to let the skin quickly absorbed and nourished.

Innovative Genesis / Essence Throne

From the moment of Bioyona treatment series are born, countless enthusiasts are deeply attracted by the miraculous beauty of the magical essence.

Bioyona's magical essence can effectively solve all kinds of sensitive skin problem, accelerate moisturizing and smooth the wrinkles, so that your skin will get all-round care, pleasant and radiant.