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US Patent Invention

Technology and innovation progress🎊 Bioyona's main ingredient TPF reach United States Patent Invention


Totipotent Prostembryona Factor® (TPF) possess remarkable function in order to promote skin whitening, anti-aging and wound healing.

Accordingly, skin all-round repair is achieved, which is used as a cosmetic raw material and a wound dressing.


Title of invention: Medical composition for promoting skin wound healing and its use.

The application identified above has been examined and is allowed for issuance as a patent. (Patent No.US010821137B2)


Foray into China's giant market

In 2020, covid-19 swept the world. Under the influence of the pandemic, Bioyona passed the inspection of China CDC Shanghai Center for Disease Control in December 2020 after strict review, and obtained the China National Cosmetics (Shanghai) certificate number.

Soon, we will meet with you under the registered trade name "Biyomena" in the Chinese mainland market in 2021 to witness the miracle of Bioyona's skin care.

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.2020-04-27 ELLE collaboration-Mommy's Day Beauty News

.2020-04-13 Monde Selection announced its winner 2020, Bioyona TPF Skin Activating Treatment Serum has won a Gold Quality Award.

.2020-04-10 ELLE Mommy 2020

.2019-11-19 COSME Tech Unique Ingredients

.2019-11-13 【COSME TOKYO 2020】-Cosmetics Trade Fair January 20-22

.2019-11-12 【COSME Tech 2020 TOKYO】-Cosmetics Development Expo January 20-22

.2019-07-24 2019 BIO ASIA TAIWAN】 July 25-28

.2019-07-03 2019 BIO ASIA_Innovative and Trending Ingredients


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