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About Bioyona

Skin Activating Treatment

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The New Exclusive Skincare Ingredient of Global Beauty


Totipotent Prostembryona Factor®


Original Brand 

Extract from embryonic stem cells of deep-sea fish species.

Totipotent Prostembryona Factor®

Bioyona is the original brand of our exclusive ingredient Totipotent Prostembryona Factor® . 


By our exclusive cold-water extraction method, we got all kinds of peptides from embryonic stem cells, which could secrete multiple ingredients such as growth factor and cytokines that induce cell proliferation and differentiation. 


After several model tests, we have confirmed that our product function including anti-oxidation, tyrosinase inhibition, promoting collagen synthesis and promoting skin wound healing. In that case, Totipotent Prostembryona Factor® possess anti-aging, elastic, firm, anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturizing and accelerated-healing for all-round skin care. After all, it cause no itch, redness and tingling on skin and eyes which is very natural, safe and solvent free. Become a brand new ingredient of global beauty and skincare market.